Premium NDIS Disability Care Service Provider in Adelaide

At My Disability Care SA, we are home to some of the most qualified and skilled NDIS service providers, with years of experience and a very high degree of competence. This has made us one of the most vetted and acclaimed names in the industry today. Based in Adelaide and as a premium NDIS disability care service provider, the principal objective of our service is to provide an excellent, custom disability care service, which will create a positive impact on the life of those in need of such service.

It will help the NDIS participants overcome the physical disabilities and limitations and lead a life of dignity, and self-reliance with independence – both in their personal and community circle.Ever since we started our endeavour, all the steps in regards to every aspect of NDIS support service that we take, revolves around the bespoke needs of our clients. All our support service providers are not only highly skilled and talented, but are impeccably trained to offer the best service. Thus, we are proud to state that we are one of the best in Adelaide as an NDIS disability care service provider in Adelaide.

What makes you wait then? Call us now, if you are in pursuit of a professional NDIS support service provider.


To work with people with disability in the community in delivering person-centred services that uphold each individual’s rights, promotes health, safety and well-being.


To be a leading example in creating a community wherein people with disability are empowered through their journey to realise their life choices and goals by providing exceptional person-centred services that add value and meaning to their lives.

Why My Disability Care SA

Supportive Environment

We offer a workplace that provides support, guidance, and acceptance to staff and participants.

24x7 Accessible

We believe an emergency can occur anytime, thus we stay accessible 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

High quality experience

Our workers are trained in the best practice standards, and they’re all personally selected by us to make sure they meet the high standards.

Client’s words

I was looking forward to getting in touch with the NDIS service provider for my 56 year old sister, whose mobility got restricted after one of her kidneys had to be removed due to some acute complications. My Disability Care SA turned out to be an excellent service. Thanks to them for the good work

Douglas Lockerby