Comprehensive Transport Assistance in Adelaide

Travelling to a physician or a get together can become cumbersome if you don’t have the right support beside you. But since you are at My Disability Care SA, you don’t have to search for an assistant anymore as we provide transport assistance in Adelaide for NDIS participants.Our caregivers will help the participants safely travel to places.

They will not only travel with them but also help them get inside vehicles and disembark safely. Besides, they will book the vehicles to keep the participants stress-free. On top of that, our travel assistants will also guide the participants to travel alone in public vehicles since this is an important daily living skill.

Travelling To Places is Now Easier

When it comes to travelling to places, managing an NDIS participant can be difficult. The assistant needs to be an expert in supervising the entire wheelchair lifting process. With that, he will also need to guide the participant step by step so that he or she can travel easily.

But you don’t need to worry about any of these since our providers are adept at this.So, if you want your loved one to travel to places safely, let our participants help him or her out.

Why Get Travel Assistance from us?

By getting My Disability Care SA by your side, travelling will be easy since

  • Our providers keep the participants safe during travelling
  • We assist participants to get inside and step out of the vehicle safely
  • Our providers guide the participants to travel alone without facing difficulties

To learn more about our travel assistance service, call us now.

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