Assistance with Gardening and Yard Maintenance in Adelaide

An NDIS participant should be able to perform most household activities if he or she has a skilled assistant beside him or her. Among these activities, maintaining the garden is an essential one. But not everyone can assist in gardening and yard maintenance in Adelaide like we at My Disability Care SA can do.

We assist participants in trimming the plants, removing the debris, waste, etc. in the garden. Also, we aid in lawn mowing and applying manure to keep the yard in the best shape.

We Simplify Gardening and Yard Maintenance for the Participants

Due to the disabilities, participants face difficulties in maintaining their garden and yard. However, all of these are simplified by our expert providers. They are highly experienced in aiding NDIS participants.

Therefore, supporting them so that they can keep their gardens or yards tidy is a cakewalk.Get in touch with us now so that we can help your loved one maintain your lawn.

Why Choose Us When It Comes to Gardening and Yard Maintenance?

Let our specialists help in gardening and yard maintenance since

  • They will assist the participants step by step when it comes to gardening
  • They will operate the tools to keep the garden or yard tidy
  • They will supervise the participants during gardening
  • Our support workers stay attentive to keep the participants safe

Call us now if you want us to aid your loved one in gardening or yard maintenance.

Book an Appointment With Our Providers Now

Call us now if you want us to help a participant in maintaining his or her garden or yard. We guarantee, your loved one will love our company.